Why Become a Sprouts Educator?

At Sprouts our coordinators are fully invested in supporting you in your care and education practices. We provide guidance throughout the stages of being an Educator, from initially signing up, meeting families and then the education of children in your care. Our co-ordinators are fully trained, and are able to provide individualized support and resources for you and your learning environment.

Sprouts provides you the opportunity to care for up to two children under two, and four children altogether. Because of the structure of In-Home childcare, the hours you work are flexiable to suit the needs of you and the families.

At Sprouts we believe communication is essential, and because of this we maintain regular contact and visits with all our Educators.  Our Educators are supported in setting up and maintaining their home learning environment; including Sprouts providing essential equipment such as portacots and high chairs. We also provide a toy library, which you can chose based upon the interests on the children in your care. Furthermore, we have weekly playgroup and gym sessions. These provide valuable opportunities for you to meet and develop relationships with other Educators, have continuing discussions with our co-ordinators, and learning opportunities for you to provide the children in your care.



Who Can be a Sprouts Educator?

Sprouts is continuing to look for people over the age of 17 who are interested in providing a learning environment that is nurturing and educational. This is a perfect opportunity for stay at home parents, who can continue to look after their own children while working; it is also great for grandparents, Early Childhood Educators, Primary School Educators, and many others.

How to Become a Sprouts Educator

If you are interested in becoming an educator for Sprouts, we encourage you to make contact with one of our co-ordinators. Please feel free to ring or call into office to discuss. Below you can find an information pack, which provides more information on becoming an Educator for Sprouts.

Napier Educator Information Pack