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The benefits of using Sprouts In-Home Childcare

Sprouts In-home childcare helps form a strong bond and works well for many of our families in the Hawke's Bay area.  Parents feel happy knowing their children are cared for in a nurturing environment and their individual needs are met. The children learn through a play-based environment.

Here are ten benefits of using Sprouts In-Home Childcare:

  • Your child is able to build a secure attachment with one person on a 1:4 ratio
  • Learning is individualised to your child’s needs due to the small group size. 
  • Your child’s individual interests and strengths can be closely followed.
  • Your child’s usual home routine can be followed such as their sleep and meal times.
  • Part-time and full-time care is available. There is flexibility in the hours of care to help with the needs of the families.  This is particularly helpful for shift workers.
  • Sprouts works well for mixed aged families as your baby and older child can be together.
  • Often educators can be flexible to do pickups and drop-offs to kindergarten if required.
  • Sprouts educators enjoy spontaneous outings such as the park, walks, and other group outings
  • Being in-home, your child experiences activities they can do at their own home, such as hanging out the washing, going to the supermarket, collecting the mail.
  • Sprouts also have gym sessions, music groups, and playgroups so your child gets to socialise with other children and adults on a weekly basis. They get to interact with the community on group outings.

What We Provide

  • Careful and extensive interviews with all educators as well as reference and police checks.
  • Home safety checks.
  • Low ratios. An Educator may care for a maxiumum of four children under the age of six.
  • Supportive qualified co-ordinators.
  • 20 ECE free hours
  • The opportunity for parents to choose Educators that meet their needs and their childrens needs.
  • An education programme for our Educators, enabling them to continually improve their support of your childs learning and development.
  • Flexible hours.
  • A variety of playgroups and trips around the community.
  • Resources for learning.


Sprouts Playgroup

When: Friday at the Tamatea Play Centre,Ranfurly Street, Tamatea, Napier 9.30am to 11.30am (run during the school term)


Hastings Play group, Monday 930 am till 1130 am

at Elim Church, the corner of Hastings St and Victoria Street Hastings.


Why we offer playgroups?
Playgroups are a great way for children to practice the fine art of getting along and socialising with others. They’re great for Educators to get together and share ideas. Offering a lot of support and social contact. Playgroups are great fun. Children will have the opportunity to sing, dance, do crafts and play with other children.

Playgroup offers
•    free play where children have choicesIMG_3931.JPG
•    painting
•    sand or water play
•    outside play
•    practice new skills and    experiences
•    learning to play with others
•    meeting new friends
•    experiencing books
•    learning to share, problem solve and take turns
•    socialise; this is important as it builds their self-confidence
•    preparation for school

Why Playgroups are good for Educators
•    meet new educators
•    reduce isolation
•    share concerns, ideas and experiencesIMG_3921.JPG
•    learn from other educators

Playgroups also offer
•    workshop opportunities
•    details of special events
•    resources
•    professional support

Sprouts Gym Sessions

Napier Educators:  Ommi Gym - Flanders Ave, Napier


Time: Wednesdays, 9.30am -10.30am


Hastings Educators : Tumbling Tots - Hastings Sport Centre, 503 Railway Rd, Hastings 4122

Time: 10.45am - 11.30am

We believe that it is important for children to have the opportunity to practice and refine active movement skills. The Ommi Gym provides the opportunity for Sprouts children and Educators to get active and explore a variety of sport and movement equipment each week. Because of the range of equipment available these gym sessions are beneficial for children of all ages and stages of development.

Learn more about the benefits of active movement Gym Session Benefits

Monthly Trips

Each month we organise a trip to somewhere around our community. This provides an opportunity for children to connect and learn about their surrounding environment.  


On enrolment we encourage you to visit our Educators page; this lists our Educators with current vacancies. For those you are interested in you can then contact our coordinators who will provide you with any further information you may require. The next step is arranging a visit and our co-ordinators can assist you in this process.  You are welcome to visit with a co-ordinator or alone.

When you have found an Educator we are able to provide assistance with settling your child into their new care environment. 

For more information on enrolling your child please contact the office and pick up a parent information pack, or download by clicking the link below.

Parent Information Napier and Hastings

Enrolment Form

Our Fees

Fees are $5.40 per hour.

20 ECE free hours are able to be used with our service. WINZ subsidies are also avalaible. Our co-ordinators can provide you with the forms and information about recieiving the 20 ECE hours and WINZ subsidies.

These forms can also be accessed online at the following links:

Childcare Assistance - Change of Circumstances

Childcare and OSCAR Subsidy Application