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May 2017 Newsletter

We would like to welcome all children and families/whanau back for a new term after the school holidays and look forward to doing lots of great things together.

We also welcome our new educators Hailey, Stacey and Sam and also our new children

Quincey, Letorah, Thomas, Kerah, Caleb, Pan Pan, Ilaise, Charles, Izabella, Summer, O’shea, Max, Angaanga and Kennu.

We look forward to getting to know you all better.

Play Group and Music sessions

We are back into the full swing of things with Music and play groups back on.

Remember Music and Tuesday play group is open to the public as long as parents/caregivers stay with their child/children.

Hours are as follows:

Music Palmerston North Monday 10:00am till 11:00am during term time

Play group Palmerston North Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am till 11:30pm during term time and

Music Levin Friday 10:00am till 11:00am during term time.

Winter clothing for play group.

Now that the weather is much colder can parents/whanau and caregivers ensure that children go to care with warm hats, jackets, socks and shoes to wear.   This is essential at play group because the children love going outside and it is cold at the moment.  Best practice is that children have under garments, socks and tops to wear in winter so that they can stay warm.  It is always easier to take layers off if it gets warm and put layers back on when it gets cold. 


Please remember that if your child is un-well; even with a bad cold, please keep them home for a day or two so that they can come back refreshed and ready to join in fully with the activities their educator has organised.  If they have been vomiting or have diarrhoea then they need to stay away from care for 48hrs after the last episode of either, before they can return to care.

This also means that if your educator has either of these that they cannot have children for 48hrs after their last episode either, so that is why it is essential that this happens to stop the spread of bugs. 

Please if you could stick to these recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

What to put in your child’s bag to go to care.

When you take your children to your educator’s house please pack the following items if needed.

-      Nappies

-      Wipes

-      Bottles

-      Formula

-       Favourite comforter or blanket

-      Lunch box with enough food for the day and a drink bottle

-      Two or three changes of clothes

-      Autumn/Winter: socks, shoes, warm clothing and a jacket.

Alternative Care

From time to time we need to organise alternative care for your child/children; due to your educator being unavailable. We do our best to get someone near you but usually we only have one or two people who can do it so please don’t be offended if we offer you care that is not near where you are as we can only offer you what we have at the time.

 Pick up and drop offs

Please ensure that your children are dropped off and picked up on time.  Your educators usually have other commitments that they have and are unable to hang around and wait for you to arrive.  Of course if there is a valid reason why you are late then please call and not txt as txt’s do not always get through, and let your educator know.

If your children are picked up and dropped off by your educator then make sure your children are ready in the morning and that you are home when they are dropped off at the end of the day.  Too many times lately our educators have had to wait around with other children; as well as your own, and this is unacceptable.  If there is an emergency that stops you from being there then you need to call your educator and let them know.

We do appreciate your co-operation with sticking to your drop off and pick up times.  

Change of contact details.

This is a good time of year for you all to make sure we have all the correct addresses and emergency numbers for you as there are times that we need to get you whether you are working or not due to an accident or emergency.

Capital E show

 Our yearly outing to Capital E show at the Regent is upon us again.  This year they are putting on “Songs of the Sea” again.

Date: Friday 16th June 2017

Time: 9:30am

Place: Regent Theatre Palmerston North

We will be giving permission forms to educators for parents/whanau to fill out and get back to us in order for children to attend. 

Any forms not back will mean the child/children will not be able to attend. 

 Parent Survey

We would like to thank our parents/whanau and caregivers who took the time to fill out our survey.  We found that the most popular form of contact was our newsletters and parent notes, so we will continue to send these out as normal, as well as being contactable 24/7 by email or on our mobiles. 

 Therese Trail co-ordinator/teacher

Contact details are:

-      021 833 187

-      therese@sprouts.co.nz

-      06) 353 5303 (Office)

 Heather Berge regional manager/co-ordinator/teacher contact details are:

-      021 639 524

-      heather@sprouts.co.nz

-      06) 353 5303 (Office)