Nurturing Children For Life

At Sprouts in Palmerston North, Feilding and Levin our experienced home based childcare educators work flexible hours 7 days per week to meet your family's needs.

Current Educators with Vacancies

At Sprouts In-Home Childcare we understand that each child is an individual and therefore has different needs and requirements.  Our in-home childcare services in Palmerston North, Feilding and Levin offer a unique system utilising our Educators individual strengths and abilities to ensure that they are compatible with your child.

To ensure that you are comfortable with your choice our experienced coordinators will discuss all of your requirements and arrange a time to visit the home based childcare Educator.

Below you will find some of our Educators in Palmerston North, Feilding and Levin that currently have vacancies. We encourage you to have a look to see what vacancies we have, and then to contact our experienced coordinators who will be able to advise who will best suit your families needs.

A convenient visiting date will be arranged where you can feel confident that your family’s needs will be met.

 Current In-Home Childcare Educators with Vacancies In Palmerston North

Edna Davenport, Hanmer Place.

I am married and have lived in Rotorua where I worked at Lindisfarne day care as a child care assistant for 4 years.  Since living in Palmerston North I have been an in home child care educator for over 15years.  I enjoy reading and going to the gym.

I offer lots of fun and laughter, reading books, artwork, walks to the park, playgroups, music, dancing and the opportunity to be oneself as we are all so unique.  Lots of outside play, blocks to build with and a large variety of toys to play with.  One on one time when the opportunity allows as well as hugs and kisses with lots of praise for a job well done. 

I care for all ages.

Jessie Bell, Clyde Cres

I am a stay at home Mum to my two boys. I am friendly, caring and always happy to help out. I love being creative and enjoy outings with my children.

I offer a warm and caring environment were your child can play, learn and feel safe. We love to attend play groups, music and enjoy venturing out to parks and having play dates.

I care for all ages and special needs.

Hailey Brown, Hayden Street

Hi my name is Hailey and I have a son Archie. I enjoy going for daily walks, healthy foods, coffee and spending time with family.  My goal for caring for your children is growing healthy humans. I do this by encouraging and building trusting relationships through guidance, teaching and communication.

I will be providing a positive, caring , supportive and respective home environment where children have a sense of belonging and their emotional well-being is nutured. Your child will experience meaningful learning through outings to places of interest such as parks, play groups, music and gym sessions.

I look forward to working with your family to support you and your needs and most importantly to support your child's development.

I care for all ages.

Tash Early, Hayden Street.

Ever since I was a child myself I have wanted to work with children and at every opportunity I was surrounded by children.  I enjoy reading, doing puzzles, surfing the net, TV and spending time with family, friends and my pets.  I have involvement with Child Cancer, Cancer Society and Make-a-wish foundation and also support other organisations.

I offer a safe loving environment where they will have lots of adventures and gain many experiences, in and out of my home.  I will ensure the needs and wants of parents are met to the best of my abilities.

I care for all ages.

Cheryl Fitzsimons, Rata Street.

I am energetic, enthusiastic, friendly and caring person.  I love interacting and working with and alongside children to help them gain new skills and extend the existing knowledge they have.

I will offer books, puppets, blocks, puzzles, arts and crafts, music and dress ups.   I also offer educational games and activities to help teach colours, shapes, basic maths, social skills and to encourage individual interests.  Whilst providing care in a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment with consistent rules, boundaries and routines I focus on monthly programme planning using Te Whāriki the ECE curriculum and children’s interest to guide the learning.  I aim to help the children in my care to have great self-esteem, self-help and care skills by showing I have confidence in their abilities using encouragement and praise.

I care for all ages.

Cushla Hoffman, Stillwater Place.

I am a warm gentle person with a patient nature.  I enjoy having coffee with friends, listening to Irish Music and reading a good book.  I have had a lot of experience with children as a teacher, mother and aunty. My Qualifications are I have a diploma in Early childhood education and a diploma in Kindergarten teaching.  I have also done a number of courses pertaining to working with children.  I have worked as a teacher for a number of years and are passionate about all aspects of children's learning.

I have lots of experience helping children learn through play and would provide your child with different activities appropriate to their age.  I would provide a warm and safe environment where your child would be nurtured to develop various skills.

I care for all ages.

Wendy Hay, Herbert Ave.

I enjoy looking after children and getting to know their families and forming lasting friendships.  I enjoy meeting other educators and sharing ideas.

I will attend the Sprouts play groups and I also visit other educators’ homes.  I have blocks (mega and duplo), cars, trucks, dolls strollers, dolls and dolls clothes, puzzles, drawing, cutting, gluing, ride-ons, ball and scooters.  I give children every opportunity to explore the environment and to learn through their interests. 

I care for all ages.

Kelda Robinson, Pioneer Highway.

I am a married Mum with 3 children and enjoy all aspects of caring for and educating children.  I encourage children to express their own ideas and give plenty of opportunity to explore the environment around them.  I like to nurture children’s interests and enjoy being able to have one on one time with all the children in my care. 

I will offer a warm and nurturing environment where children have every opportunity to develop and explore the world around them and be safe and secure while doing it.  I go to Music groups, play groups and gym sessions to ensure all children are giving the opportunity to learn and develop their social, emotional, physical and imaginative skills.  At home I have a range of toys and equipment for children to explore in their own time and will extend on the knowledge and learning that children already have. 

I care for all ages.

Carolyn Wan, Dahlia Street.

I am a Mum of 5 children and have always been interested in my children’s pre-school and school education.  In the past I have looked after friends’ children while they worked and they loved the little bits and pieces we made at home or at play groups to take home. 

I will offer a safe, happy, positive and nurturing environment for your child/children to learn and develop and have fun.

I care for all ages.

Yvonne Erkens, Raglan Ave.

Over the past 21 years I have worked as a Registered Nurse but felt that it was time for a career change.  I have always enjoyed caring for and educating children throughout my nursing career.  I have and association with Girl Guides NZ and also Child Cancer.

I will extend their social skills, interactions with other children/adults and the wider community.  I will provide a safe and loving environment where safety is paramount.  Baking, arts and crafts, gardening (growing veggies, sunflowers etc), outdoor activities, trips to parks and playground, water play, trips to other educators houses and organised trips with Sprouts.

I care for all ages. 

Kirsty Cowburn, Jupiter Street.

I was born in 1981 and have been working as a support worker for the last 5 years.  My experience of working with children is being a Mum and I am looking forward to embarking on this new career as an in home educator.

I offer a safe, stable, stimulating environment for children where I will provide them with top quality care, lots of love and education with child initiated play that incorporates Te Whāriki the Early Childhood Curriculum. 

I care for all ages.

Rochelle Finlayson, Gemini Ave.

I have been working with children for over 10 years and have been an in home educator for over 7 years.  I love the water, animals, Music, scrap booking and having lots of fun!! 

I provide a home away from home and cater for each child’s individual needs in a safe, warm and loving environment offering children the “best of both worlds” in the home and out in the community. 

I care for all ages.

Cara Bagley, Kauri Street.

I have been an educator since 1997 and have looked after many children from birth to school age.  I love being an educator for Sprouts and having the children come into my home to a nurturing, loving and stimulating environment where they can feel safe and have fun learning with their friends.  It is so rewarding to see a smile on a child's face and to be able to teach them new skills.  My hobbies include craft, knitting, cross-stitch, sewing and I love to read books.
I will provide your child a nuturing, loving and caring environment that is safe for playing and exploring while learning new skills.  I have a play room where children have lots of different educational activities that encourage new learning through play.  Children are also encouraged to dance and be expressive through music and by using musical instruments.  I have a big backyard for children to explore and have fun.  I help children learn their colours, shapes, basic math skills and social skills with their peers.  The children are encouraged to mae choices of what they would like to do in our monthly programme which is flexible and usually based on the chils's interests.  While children are in care they have rules, boundaries and everyday routines like meals, sleep, mat times and outings in the community.  We go for walks, Te Manawa, visit parks and other educators homes.  where they can catch up with their friends.  I also attend Sprout's music, play groups, Tiny Y's gym and Jumping Jellybeans at the library.
I care for all ages.

Rebecca Dunning, Grange Place.

I am 13 years qualified in childcare and am almost fluent in Māori.  I am friendly, happy and always keen to help out.  I love walking, baking, gardening and playing.

I will offer a fun, safe, stable, educational environment that will be respectful of children’s individual needs and characteristics.  

I care for all ages and will do evening hours.

Hayley Finnen 

I have two young children and offer a safe and loving home environment for children to grow and learn. We will enjoy lots of outings to Music groups, playgroups and Tiny Y’s gym. At home, I offer lots of fun activities to play and learn like water play, Sandpit, baking, arts and crafts and lots of age-related toys to play with.

I care for all ages.

Current In-Home Childcare Educators with Vacancies In Levin

Sara Hirini, Parsons Ave.

I am married with 3 teenage children.  I am passionate about caring for children and watching them learn and grow.  I enjoy outings, crafts and exploring the environment.  I am a very family orientated person who enjoys loving and caring for them. 

I will offer your child a caring, loving and nurturing environment where they can play, learn and feel safe.  I attend play groups in the community as well as offering visits to local parks, pools, Music and other outings.  The children I care for become involved with my family environment and become part of our extended family. 

I care for all ages.

Carolyn Hall, John Street.

I was born in 1974 and am a single parent to a teenage daughter.  I enjoy exercise, go to the movies, watch sport and spend time with my family.

I believe growing up in this world should be interesting, fascinating and exciting.  Along with learning A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s I believe life skills are just as important.  I attend play groups, Music sessions and different outings and take advantage of all the community events on offer. 

I care for all ages.

Rosemary Gardner, Cambridge Street.

My name is Rosemary but the children in my care call me Rose.  I have been an in home educator for over 6 years.  Previously I was a care-giver in a rest home.  I like spending time out in my garden, cooking and spending time with my family and own children. 

I have a great collection of age related toys outside equipment and learning resources.  I am constantly searching for new ideas, craft and learning tools.  I go on outings in the community to parks, library, Music and play groups.

I care for all ages.