Sprouts In-Home Childcare – trusted by parents, loved by children.

Sprouts In-Home Childcare Philosophy Statement

At Sprouts In-Home Childcare we believe that by building responsive, reciprocal relationships children and whānau develop a true sense of belonging. This empowers children to build foundations and become confident and capable learners through life.  Sprouts home-based child care centres work together with parents and whānau to fulfil the aspirations they have for their children.

Sprouts child care centres provide warm nurturing environments that are welcoming, safe, caring and supportive.  By allowing families to develop this feeling of belonging, children become and remain confident in their own culture.

We foster children’s natural curiosities and recognise unique individual strengths and interests.

We provide learning opportunities within the home, which are holistic, fun and creative.  This offers choices and utilises resources from within the wider community.  We ensure learning opportunities and experiences are inclusive of all.




Sprouts Summer Giveaway!


Our Sprouts Grow & Learn every day, and what better way to teach our sprouts then to get them out and busy in Click_me.jpgthe garden.  We have this fantastic Toddler Garden Trolley to giveaway!

For more information on how you can win Click on the "Click Me" button to the right.

We also have a mystery prize for one lucky child, head over to our Facebook page to enter our second chance mystery prize draw!  Just tag a friend and comment with the name of the child who would an extra Xmas surprise!

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