How to Keep Toddlers Healthy through the Colder Months

April 12, 2018 at 12:08 PM


At Sprouts In-Home childcare, the changing of seasons can mean more children are kept home sick which can be really challenging for parents. And with predictions of a very nasty 2018 flu season and with cold weather already on the way, you may be starting to wonder how you are going to keep your toddlers healthy and safe through the coming winter months! Here are a few of our latest tips…


It sounds ridiculously simple but often simple is best. Regular hand washing is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of cold and flu bugs; so teaching your child to wash their hands with soap and warm water after they use the toilet and before meals and snacks is a great preventive. 

As carers of your loved ones, Sprouts In-Home Childcare Educators are vigilant about hand washing and we have official hand-washing policies. 

Keeping Warm

Dressing toddlers appropriately for the cold weather is tricky: your toddler should be warm enough to be cozy, but still able to move freely (climb the ladder in the playground or run through leaves) but also to be able to remove clothes easily if they need the toilet. It’s a good idea to add one extra layer to whatever an adult would wear to be comfortable. A warm hat covering the ears is a must for outdoor activities on cold days. Our Educators have spare clothing on hand if the weather changes unexpectantly, but we do recommend sending your child along with a few options. 

Stay Home When Sick

With busy mums and dads working, sometimes it is a hard decision about whether your child is sick enough to stay home or well enough to drop off to your Educator. Having your little soldier carry on is not always the best option. Resting is one of the best ways to allow the body’s own immunity the chance to effectively and naturally deal with an invasion from a bacteria or a virus. Staying home and resting means recovery time is less and it means the other children in our care remain protected. 


Hot and nutritious is what’s required so why not clean off the slow cooker or crockpot. Long, slow simmering of food - helps release maximum nutrition from proteins and vegetables. You can boost those stews and soups even more by using homemade bone broths as a base instead of commercial stocks; and where possible try to use seasonal, local, and (if your budget allows) organic produce. And talk to your Educator about options for them to heat your toddler’s lunch if needed!

Getting Outdoors

We know the winter months are associated with getting colds and illnesses such as the flu. Did you know it is not the cold weather that necessarily causes colds and flu – it is often the increased exposure to indoor environments where bacteria and viruses are living. 

We know that getting outdoors helps boost vitamin D (yes even in the winter) and being outdoors also lifts our wee one’s moods. People and children who are feeling happy are often healthier and report suffering fewer illnesses.

Our Educators make sure our children get plenty of outdoor time in Autumn and it’s a great opportunity for them to learn from the changing environment. Autumn themed arts and crafts are hugely popular with our groups too. (Check our Facebook page for ideas or sign up for our monthly email updates

If you have some tips to keep your toddler healthy during this time, we would love to hear them. Email them through to

We wish you all a healthy, playful and positive Autumn season!

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