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Having a child is one of the most precious gifts you can have.  But for many parents it also means that they must head back to work to help provide for their children. 

This can be a very hard time and trying to choose a child care system that will work for you can be an emotional time.

At Sprouts home based childcare, we understand how it feels, as most of our carers are mothers, fathers or parents, and are experienced educators willing to work flexible hours to meet family’s diverse needs, while educating and caring for your child in a safe homely environment.

Sprouts offer care 7 days a week for children aged 0 to 5 years.

Sprouts is a well-established company with In-Home educators situated in Dannevirke all the way through to Napier.  


Why Choose Sprouts?

  • At Sprouts we have a small ratio of 1:4. This allows your child to build a secure attachment with that carer, which leads to the child feeling safe, as well as the parents.
  • Our educators personalise individual learning needs to your child.  As we all know all children learn at different speeds, and literally learn differently.  With such a small ratio, your child will be learning to their ability and time frame.
  • Your child’s individual interests and strengths can be closely followed.
  • Your child’s usual home routine can be followed such as their sleep and meal times.
  • Part time and full-time care is available.  There is flexibility in the hours of care to help with the needs of you as a family. 
  • Sprouts works well for mixed aged families as your baby and older child can be together.
  • Often educators can be flexible to do pickups and drop offs to kindergarten if required.
  • Sprouts educators enjoy spontaneous outings such as the park, walks, and other group outings
  • Being in a home, children experience activities they can also do at their own home, such as hanging out the washing, going to the supermarket, collecting the mail.
  • Sprouts also have gym sessions, music groups, and playgroups so children get to socialise with other children and adults on a weekly basis. They get to interact with the community on group outings.


And straight from one our lovely mums…

“My child is with Sprouts and absolutely thriving.  They have wonderful educators and a great atmosphere for the children to grow and develop”Madison Stevenson


So, if you are looking for in home childcare for your child, then look no further than Sprouts.  Your children will love you for it. Get a free information pack now.

 And if your children have flown the nest or you have a passion for children and would like to become an educator yourself, then click on the link below to get an information pack.  Currently if you sign up you will receive a Getting Started Support Package valued at $1500.   This is a great way to start your own business and work with a wonderful well-established company.  Find out more here.

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