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At Sprouts In-Home Childcare we believe that by building responsive reciprocal relationships, children and whānau develop a true sense of belonging. 

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Icon House Sense of belonging

Sense Of Belonging

Being in a home environment helps develop a sense of belonging. Children are comfortable and build foundations to become lifelong capable learners. 

Icon House Time To Play

Time To Play

With only up to four children in care,  we have more time without the rushed timetable of traditional daycare centres. Daily schedules reflect your childs needs.

Icon House Flexible Care

Flexible Care

Home-based childcare is designed to be completely flexible to suit our families needs. We also offer weekend and evening care when possible. 

Icon house Develop Life Skills

Develop Life Skills

Children learn while doing everyday normal things. Children enjoy learning experiences in a simulating and relaxed environment that helps them develop the life skills they need. 

icon House Regular Outings

Regular Outings

We utilise the benefits of stimulating children within the home AND resources within the wider community. This provides a wealth of varying experiences and opportunities for children to socialise. 

Icon House Checks and Balances

Checks & Balances

Educators are supervised and supported by regional coordinators to ensure your child is getting the education they need, and reaching age suitable milestones. We work closely with families on agreed goals. 

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ECE Free care

20 ECE Free Hours

Get paid while offering free childcare to friends or family*

WINZ subsidies

WINZ Subsidies

Offer reduced rates for working parents through WINZ*

Childcare transport options

Transport Help

Offer transport options & flexible hours that work for you and parents

*WINZ Criteria Applies

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Sprouts home-based childcare helps form a strong bond and works well for many of our families in the Hawke's Bay area.  Parents feel happy knowing their children are cared for in a nurturing environment and their individual needs are met. The children learn through a play-based environment.

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Ten Key Benefits

  • Your child is able to build a secure attachment with one person on a 1:4 ratio
  • Learning is individualised to your child’s needs due to the small group size. 
  • Your child’s individual interests and strengths can be closely followed.
  • Your child’s usual home routine can be followed such as their sleep and meal times.
  • Part-time and full-time care is available. There is flexibility in the hours of care to help with the needs of the families.  This is particularly helpful for shift workers.
  • Sprouts works well for mixed aged families as your baby and older child can be together.
  • Often educators can be flexible to do pickups and drop-offs to kindergarten if required.
  • Sprouts educators enjoy spontaneous outings such as the park, walks, and other group outings
  • Being in-home, your child experiences activities they can do at their own home, such as hanging out the washing, going to the supermarket, collecting the mail.
  • Sprouts also have gym sessions, music groups, and playgroups so your child gets to socialise with other children and adults on a weekly basis. They get to interact with the community on group outings.

Your Child Is Safe With Us.

  • We complete careful and extensive interviews with all educators as well as reference and police checks.
  • Home safety checks are also completely regularly to meet all Sprouts and Ministry guidelines.
  • Educators are monitored and supported by dedicated qualified co-ordinators.
  • Parents can choose an Educators that meet their needs and their childrens needs.
  • We provide an education programme for our Educators, enabling them to continually improve their support of your childs learning and development.
  • We supply educators with resources for learning so your child gets the very best. 


Contact us to learn more about our childcare services, fees, and talented educators available in your region. We provide flexible childcare to suit your family needs and budget. Complete our online form to arrange a meeting with one of our regional co-ordinators or give us a call on our free-phone number below. 

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